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Suveeda Vang. 17. Michigan.

 bootyhole[s] creeping on my blog.

^^ have hit this blog.

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And on a side note; I thought it was odd that you said “hi beautiful” to me one morning because I had a feeling you were in a relationship. And then I finally had the balls to ask you if you were in one because I needed to know, you said yes & it made me kind of sad because I knew I wasn’t the only one you probably called beautiful that morning. I also found it quite odd that you started calling me babe so suddenly after you two broke up as well. I didn’t mind it though because I thought maybe you must be really fond of me, so I let it be. I’m not upset, just slightly offended. But it’s okay. I just wanted to get this off my chest because I don’t want another girl to feel similar to what I’m feeling right now.

is it just me or do guys not dedicate songs to girls anymore?

"Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other."

"But if you choose not to love her now, you can’t choose to love her later.."

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