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Suveeda Vang. 17. Michigan.

 bootyhole[s] creeping on my blog.

^^ have hit this blog.

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It’s scary because I’m starting to think about how much I like being with you and you’re starting to consume alot of my thoughts in general. I like the thought of us, I really do. I like thinking about holding your hand or cuddling or surprising you. But it frightens me also because I havent felt like this in a long time. Too long actually. My heart was slowly turning into dust and you came around and decided to tidy it up. I cant tell if I like it or not though. I’m terrified. My heart is something special to me & I know you say you’ll never hurt me, but it’s difficult to believe that because my guard is starting to come down for you. All these walls and defenses I’ve taken years to build are slowly making their way to the ground and it’s all because I’m letting you. I’m letting you. My guard is still up but it’s gradually falling down… please dont hurt me.

Anonymous said: just a longtime follower that has gotten interested in the job direction as well :)

Wow, well good memory & all the best to you my dear :)

  -  4 September

Anonymous said: do you still want to become a dentist?

holy shit, who is this & how do you even remember this fact? O:
but kind of, i’m looking into being a dental assistant atm & if i find that legitly a dentist is what my heart is seeking for then i will go more into it. why do you ask?

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