♥ Namaste ;*;*;*
Suveeda Vang. 17. Michigan.

 bootyhole[s] creeping on my blog.

^^ have hit this blog.

Instagram: @craycrayveeda

Anonymous said: You're beautiful ^_^

.. Thank you♡
I hope you had a great day anon

Anonymous said: Were you ever fond of those guys back?

Of course. But eventually things become one sided or feelings seem to fade away..

Anonymous said: Are you okay??

:/ just alot on my mind..

I need a companion right now :/

Growing up, the only thing you’ve done is beat me to a pulp. Whether it’s physically, mentally, verbally or emotionally; you’ve done it all. I understand you’re my older sister, but ever since day one I have never felt obligated to come to you for anything. I can never talk to you… and when I do come your way, all I get is constant criticism. I do listen to what you have to say, I do see where you come from, I do let you voice your opinion but everything that comes out of your mouth is nothing but negativity. Your words are unnecessarily and excessively harsh whereas I’ve come to the point that I dont even look at you as remotely even close to my “sister”. A sister is someone you should feel comfortable with, closer than a bestfriend & merely a soul mate; yet, why is it that your presence makes my heart go cold and the last thing I want to do is be in the same room as you? I have witnessed you do/say some of the most absurd things and it astonishes me until this day that you dont realize what you have done wrong. You are so blind, bitter, and rude that it actually scares me. Your way or the high way, there’s no way around it. You are so narrow minded and quick to judge. We may look alike and you may have sculpted a great amount of who I am today, but we are completely different characters with separate souls and minds and I am more than blessed to have that difference because I feel sorry for someone like you.

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