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"Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering."

I really fucking miss you… especially at the fact that your birthday’s tomorrow… I’m really sad because I want to celebrate it with you. I wish you were here. You turned 21 last year and we could’ve turned up.. there’s so many parties you’re missing out on, you know? I want you back here so you can experience just about everything I do too… I want you to skydive, I want you to rave, I want you to get married and raise an amazing family, I want you to travel the world, I want everything for you. But you’re gone… and all I can really do is live life for you. For both me and you. I live life as freely as I can because life is all about taking chances & I’ll take any chance for you. I’m taking all the chances for you. There are many things that I do & I hope you know that I do them for you. Smiling everyday, loving everyone/thing, being positive in general because that’s all you ever did. I’m living you on. I love you & I cant wait to visit you later on today. Rest in paradise my sweetest ♡

I feel numb all over at the moment. Maybe it’s just the sad music I’m listening to that’s taking a toll on my mood but I feel like shoving my face into my bed and crying. I feel like I try so very hard to force myself to be content with everything throughout the day that when it hits night time I just feel empty. I give so much love and happiness to others that in the end I have nothing left for myself. Sigh

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